Les Miserables - Victor Hugo

I don't know the story of Les Misérables.  I've never watched any interpretation of it, and I am determined not to until I finish reading this first.


The problem with this is that, well, I don't know the story.  And at 48% of the way through, so far, there doesn't seem to be much of one.  At least, for the number of pages I've read, it feels as though around only 5% of those has contained any actual story.


I'm disappointed, to say the least.  I usually love classics, and this one is just leaving me cold.  I've been having to read other books between volumes just so that I don't kill my enthusiasm for reading forever, and I'm usually monogamous in my reading.  More than once I've been tempted to just give up on it.


Yet as soon as I reach that point, suddenly I'll be captured by a beautiful turn of phrase, or hooked into a bit of something actually happening.  What are you, Les Mis?


I'll just have to keep reading...